Pattern Powerpoint Template

For a creative, straightforward, and minimal presentation use the Pattern Minimal Powerpoint Template. Because of its minimal style, your audience will get a clear message that is short, sweet, and to the point. So, don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out where to start to create a one of a kind presentation, when Pattern is the perfect presentation template for any presentation, whether it’s for a business or school project.


This presentation template provides unique slides for you to be able to add all your information without overwhelming the audience by adding all the information in one slide. Because of its minimal style, it helps you spread out your information to make it clear to the audience. You can change anything on the slides, rearranging them, adding, and deleting anything to make this presentation everything you need.

To make it more visually appealing you can add images and infographics to make it easier for those in the audience who are visual learners.  Images are great to give the big picture of what is going on in the presentation since an image is worth a thousand words, let your image do the talking. Infographics are great to explain data. Data is not the most exciting to hear about, much less read about, but when put in a simple graph, table, diagram, or any infographic you may use, it helps make the data more clear and more appealing to pay attention to.

Pattern Minimal Powerpoint Template Features:

  • Minimalist and creative unique slides for Powerpoint
  • All slides are fully editable, therefore you can easily change colors and text boxes.
  • Simple and clean slide layouts
  • In addition, you can export these slides to PDF, JPG, etc.
  • 16:9 widescreen layout
  • It includes high-quality vector graphics

Thanks to ShapeSlide for sharing this free template. Find more Powerpoint templates on our website.